Learn online how to handle, prepare, and serve food safely and how to protect your rights in the workplace

The Food and Worker Safety Training (FWST) is an online food handling course that educates participants on safe food preparation and handling techniques, intended for anyone working in food preparation, storage and service.

Based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food Code and general best practices for health and safety at the workplace, J.S.F a program that educates prospective and returning food handlers on food safety and workers’ rights. There are no prerequisites that you need to have to take this course.

Learning Outcomes

Sections 1 – 4

Foundational Knowledge

  • Identify the importance and the relationship between food and worker safety
  • Define common symptoms and sources of foodborne illness
  • List strategies to maintain personal hygiene in the workplace
  • Demonstrate an ability to handle potentially hazardous foods (PHFs)

Sections 5 – 8

Techniques to Promote Food and Worker Safety

  • Demonstrate how to use chemicals to clean dishes and surfaces and to prevent cross contamination and environmental hazards
  • Demonstrate how to properly store, prepare and cook food at the right temperatures to protect yourself and  your co-workers and customers

Sections 9 – 11

Additional Workplace Safety Tips

  • Identify methods of preventing food contamination in all stages of food handling, including procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and appropriate work attire 
  • Demonstrate what to do in case of a workplace emergency

Sections 12 – 15

Workers’ Rights and Legal Assistance

Master how to identify and document cases of workers’ rights violations, where to seek legal help and how to file a complaint with the appropriate state agencies

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