Are you a food service worker?

Become a Unified Worker Owner

Join our worker cooperative! When folks register and take our training, they opt in to become owners of the cooperative. Join here!

What it means

1. Agreeing to join by signing an Owner Agreement, including an affirmation that you are a food service worker, as defined by the Board and that you align with the mission, vision, and values of the Cooperative.

2. Engaging in one or more events, gatherings, orientations, or training that will be determined by the Board.

3. Contributing: Either taking the safety training, or, paying $10/year or $1/month

What you get with your membership

1. Access to platforms and tools to communicate with other Owners.

2. Access to information and updates about the Cooperative, its activities, governance, and finances.

3. Opportunities to get involved to support food service workers and advance the mission, vision, and values of the Cooperative.

4. Invitations to events to foster engagement with the Cooperative.


The activities of the Cooperative will not be driven by a boss, Executive
Director, or even by the Board of Directors. The activities will be spread
among small groups of workers who will be in the driver’s seat of the
Cooperative’s activities. This is how we build worker power. The role of
the Board and non-food service employees of the Cooperative is not to
hold power, but rather to spread power to food service workers.


Unified Owners elect ⅗ directors

Become a Unified Worker Owner