Frequently Asked Questions

Participants will need basic computer skills and computer access to interact with the video interface used for training.

The Just.Safe.Food. Basic Food Handler training course is $5 and includes 3 attempts to pass the exam. Individuals are allowed to review the training material as many times as needed before attempting to retake the exam.

The lessons, quizzes and final assessment takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Participants are required to complete all sections to ensure they are adequately trained on all aspects of food and worker safety in accordance with the Just.Safe.Food (J.S.F.) training program’s purpose, scope, and intended learning outcomes.

A passing score is defined as a score of at
least 70%, or 28/40 questions. The score was determined based on agreement among our
shareholders and based on state law per California Health and Safety Code Section
Participants have 3 attempts to achieve this score.

Participants may complete the training and exam at any time after purchase. Participants are responsible for completing the training and exam, including its renewal, by the legally prescribed deadline at their own discretion, within 30 days of their day of hire, per Health and Safety Code Section 113948.

Please email and a team member will verify your certificate.

Policy Statements

Course graduates can be inferred to (i) intend to become “food handlers,” as defined by SB303, (ii) have completed all sections of the training modules in the FWST, (iii) have passed, or achieved at least 70% on, the test at the conclusion of the course, (iv) obtained a food handler card, valid for 3 years from date of completion.

All information shared by participants shall remain confidential between the participant and the Food Handling Co-Op unless otherwise indicated. If desired, participants may voluntarily disclose their information to outside parties via opt-in surveys to (1) become a worker-owner and/or (2) stay connected with local organizers and worker advocacy.

The certificate shall be available on the testing portal immediately after successful completion of the exam and contain the participant’s name, unique identifier, program title, name of the certificate issuer, certificate issue date, and certificate expiration date.

Program participants are intended to use their certificates only as documentation to show their employers, prospective employers, or other interested persons that they have successfully completed the training. Unauthorized use of the certificate program logo or name in any other commercial context to express or imply any endorsement or credential is prohibited.


The course and its $5 fee are non-refundable.
Registrants may not request a refund nor a cancellation under any circumstance, even if they fail to pass the exam after 3 attempts

Certificate is not transferable.

Complaints Protocol

Participants in the J.S.F. program shall have the option to make complaints directly to the FSWC through the post-training and follow-up surveys or by making contact with J.S.F. on its website through the feedback form

The complaints protocol is as follows:

  • All written complaints will be reviewed by a staff member in charge of complaints and appeals on a weekly basis and once reviewed, an email will be sent to the complainant confirming receipt of the complaint. 
  • The reviewer shall investigate the complaint and provide a resolution, unless the complaint pertains to the reviewer’s direct action then the reviewer shall forward the complaint onto the CEO. Upon receipt of a complaint involving the reviewer, the CEO shall appoint a disinterested officer of the corporation or third party to investigate and make a recommendation to the CEO as to a resolution. The CEO shall make a decision as to a resolution of the complaint provided the CEO is not a subject of the complaint.
  • The complainant shall be informed of the decision and/or next steps. The complainant shall remain updated until the complaint is resolved. 
  • J.S.F. aims to reach complaint resolution as quickly as practical, or at most within 2 months of initial filing.
  • If the resolution is not acceptable, then the complainant can proceed with an appeal.

Appeals Protocol

Participants in the J.S.F. program shall have the option to make appeals directly to J.S.F. via its feedback form. Appeals are defined as a written request for reconsideration of a failing test result on the J.S.F. exam.

The appeals protocol is as follows:

  • Appellant should provide the name and email registered for the course and reason for the appeal.
  • Appeals will be reviewed by a staff member in charge of complaints and appeals on a weekly basis and once reviewed, an email will be sent to the appellant confirming receipt of the appeals.
  • The board of directors shall then convene and decide on whether to reconsider an individual’s test result. Appeals shall only be considered if there is an error in J.S.F.’s computer algorithm or answer key or in the case of other very compelling circumstances. 
  • Once a decision is reached about resolution, the appellant shall be informed of the decision and/or next steps. The appellant shall remain updated until the appeal is resolved.
  • The board of directors of FSWC should aim to reach an appeal resolution within 2 months of initial filing.